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martes, 12 de agosto de 2014


Afric McGlinchey

Afric McGlinchey nació en Irlanda y se crió en Zimbabwe. Es ganadora del Premio de Hennessy para la poesía emergente. Ha sido nominada para el Premio Pushcart. Sus poemas han sido publicados en Southword, Moth, New Mirage, Poetry Ireland Review, Scottish Poetry Review, Tears in the Fence, Wordlegs, the SHOp, Magma, Acumen, Under the Radar, Scaldy Detail, Crannóg and other journals. Afric writes poetry reviews for Sabotage, is a book reviewer for the Irish Examiner and an online tutor at http://creativewriting.ie/online-writing-courses/ y otras revistas. 

Afric escribe reseñas de poesía de Sabotaje, escribe la crítica de libros para el Irish Examiner.

Debajo del corazón, la forma de una herradura

nunca te conocí, danny murphy
pero sé que tenías un hijo de seis
y que christy te hizo
boca a boca y te apretó
el pecho, y cuando la ambulancia
llegó, siguieron una hora

y te sonó el teléfono
en el bolsillo
alguien que se llamaba kath
y me imaginé
una cita arreglada
y tú, tarde

y me imaginé tu futuro
saliéndote de la existencia
en el espacio de un auto que dobla
en el espacio de un caballo que se alza
en el espacio de un sol que se hunde
colina abajo.

The Lucky Star of Hidden Things, Salmon Press, Clare, Irlanda, 2012
Traducción de Jorge Fondebrider

Under the heart,
a horseshoe shape

I never met you, danny murphy
but I know you had a child of six
and that christy gave you 
mouth-to-mouth and pressed 
your chest, and when the ambulance
came, they continued for an hour

and your phone 
rang in your pocket
someone called kath
and I imagined 
a planned date
and you, late

and I imagined your future, 
trampled out of existence
in the space of  a car turning 
in the space of a horse rearing
in the space of the sun sinking
below the hill

mute as the wall,
four swings
into an envelope of light
which dissects glint and shadow
in the long neck of love where we play
breath and dash
thunder full
exploding maledictions
you reign in all the dark rooms of my fantasy
supersede every phantom lover in the longest night
hell's leviathans may swallow their revenge
for a glimmer
i become whole with expectation;
rush, night; i am ready

(after Roethke) 

fingers red to ruin day
dreams appear through slow eye
of mud-soft needle, signal swift
surprise, then sudden swiping swing
to a blue and blackened dog -cloud 

pooled into a spreading lace,
blue-throated, long limbed tamarack
looms over lake, while sunset's cleft
breaks the tide of evening 

slow ache of bruising skin
muds you, cool and wavering
with hesitant hug of penitant
guilty of the silent crime
of biting cut and gloomy grin

eyes wide open 

your wide-eyed lies are plums,
their purple plumes
smoke and mirrors in the sun –
suddenly I'm sane 

not squeamish anymore
won't go vertigo, wallow
in a sink-hole, sallow
and sunless 

i'm revved as an engine;
even a smidgen of your sorrow
will be battered by a pair of drums
pounding a palindrome

on no

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