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viernes, 14 de junio de 2013


Fereydoon Moshiri
Fereydoon Moshiri (persa : فريدون مشيرى, 21 de septiembre de 1926 en Teherán, Irán - fallecido el 24 de octubre de 2000 en Teherán) fue uno de los destacados contemporáneos  poetas persas. 


1957, Gonah-e Darya (The Sin of the Sea),
1958, Nayafteh (Undiscovered),
1960, Abr (The Cloud),
1970, Parvaz Ba Khorshid (Flying With the Sun),
1978, Bahar ra Bavar Kon (Believe the Spring),
1988, Ah Baran (Oh, the Rain),
2001, Ta Sobh-e Tabnak-e Ahura'ii (Until the Bright of Ahuric Dawn)

Magia inefectiva

Llena la copa
porque este agua de fuego
¡hace mucho que no cura mi angustia!
Estas copas, vaciadas una tras otra,
son un mar del fuego que yo vierto en mi boca.

El remolino roba y las olas no me llevan
Yo, con el corcel obstinado y mágico del vino,
he llegado al universo infinito de la imaginación,
hasta la llanura estrellada de las reflexiones calientes,
hasta la frontera desconocida de la muerte y la vida,
hasta los callejones de los jardines de la memorias fugitivas,
hasta la ciudad de las memorias.

Pero ahora, 
¡ni siquiera el vino
me lleva a ningún lugar, sólo a mi lecho!
¡Ah, falcón del amor!,
desde las lejanas cumbres nebulosas
vuela a la llanura triste de mi vida.
¡Llévame donde el vino no me lleva!

Yo soy tan desafortunado 
que el falcón no me lleva...
!En el camino de la vida
con tanto esfuerzo, deseo y sed
aunque yo profundamente gimo: ¡agua!,...

ya ni siquiera el engaño me lleva al espejismo.

Ven, llena la copa
Ven, llena la copa

Selección de Poesía Contemporánea iraní
Traducción de Fariba Gurguin

The Alley

Without you
On a moonlit night,
My thoughts aflight,
I visited that alley again.
My body,
transformed into eyes,
Craved to actualize,
Another meeting with you, in vain.
Sweet anticipation,
Of love's rejuvenation,
My mortal cup.
In that sacred locality
Outside all reality,
The crazed lover with me
Caught up.
Thorns of your being blossomed,
In every recess of my soul;
Recollections of your laughter,
Echoed from pole to pole.
The perfume of lost memories,
Permeated the whole;
As I recalled that night,
The alley,
The realm of silences,
The brook,
And the glance I took.
Your black eyes,
Full of mystery,
Full of the elixir of life,
Enchanted me. What magic, what strife!
The sky was clear,
The night calm,
Luck happy,
Time tame.
Moonbeams poured into every nook,
Lighting up the branches in the brook.
And the night
And the fields
And the flowers,
And the rocks that hasty day forsook.
I recall you say, "Avoid this love.
Heed the current,
The mirror of transient life.
"Today my looks,
Whose tomorrow,
Would please you most, my dove?
"Forget me." You said.
"Leave this town a while,
Preserve that God-given smile."
"Avoid your love, I shall not," I said.
"I will not, till dead."
"The instant my heart--my love partridge,
Lit at your roof,
You threw stones to force me leave,
But I did not. Neither did I grieve.
"You are the hunter," I said. "I the game,
Forcing my way into your trap
To make me tame.
"I shall not abandon you
I will not go away,
Not until you do the same."
Droplets oozed down a branch.
With a bitter groan,
The bird of night took to flight.
Tears gathered in your eyes,
The moon's laughter at my plight.
Reminding me of the response I never received.
Sadness engulfed me,
I persisted.
I did not leave.
That night,
The next night,
All my nights,
Joined the darkness that only nights perceived.
You no longer recalled,
The heart-broken lover you had.
You never walked,
Down that alley,
That alley so sad.
Only if you knew,
The distress I went through,
Walking down that alley,
Without you. 

Translation Iraj Bashiri

The Secret 

From the realm of sea
With maternal love
Rushed to sandy shores,

Round the sand she turned
Washed away the gloom
Off its dusty face,

Of the sand dwellers,
I am not aware,
What the sandy shore
Told the tender wave.
That to kill herself,
Time and time again
Hit her head against
Rock and stone and sand,

Translated by: Faranak Moshiri Summer 2001 

Forever With You 

Being with you,
Near, far,
Starving or well-fed,
Free, captive,
Full of sorrow or joy,
The essence of my existence.
A moment spent without you,
May there never be!

To die for your glory,
By your side,
The purpose of my death.
The purpose of my life.

Being with you,
Always with you,
Existing for you,
The meaning of love.
The pathway of my fate.

Translated by: Faranak Moshiri Summer 2001

Let us be humans 

A dove was nipping seeds,
A weeping willow was dancing,
A sparrow was building a nest,
The Sun was watching.

From atop the aspen trees, dawn was returning.
With swallow's merriment, daytime was beginning.

Nature's musicians freely lay on this wide-open grass,
Making music in Dastan and Nava' modes.

The meadow was decorated like butterfly wings.
The colorful butterfly, flew here and there, Spring.

I've witnessed that in every particle of matter
There's indeed someone's loving soul, someone's bright breath!

This pure and caring soul is blown into all.
This bright breeze pours out of earth's heart
And blows on all.

If eyes are to both the visible and invisible keen,
They would see the commotion within this scene.

Sun, like a mothcr, full of kindness, gleams.
Down the sky's pure mirror, light streams.

Earth's heart beats to the same tune as Time.
Soundwaves of music of growth! 0, what joyful chime!

Clouds arrive, full of giving and self-sacrifice.
Bestow their necklaces to the fields of rice!

So that grass may sing refreshed, river cries.
To turn sap into rosewater, water tries!

Soil toils to let seeds sprout!
Wind dances so buds may sing aloud!

Bird sings so that rock is not alone,
Sun strives to make amber from the stone!

From afar, grapevine steals kisses from the sun, in hundreds.
So that sheaves of grapes may grow, in hundreds!

Cedar helps the newly rising morning glory
Climb up her branches.

Blissful are those who worship sun and earth

For there's only love and kindness, no hostilities, no hatred.
Suddenly, tears well up in my eyes
I choke in my burning chest, ah!

But why then can we not be this way?
Come to our senses and wish to be humans.

Fereydoon Moshiri - "Ah, Rain"
Translated by: Faranak Moshiri Summer 2001 

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